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Customer information: Sale of Furness Withy Chartering

Dear customers,
Hamburg Süd Group will be exiting the bulk/tramp shipping business and is selling its Furness Withy Chartering subsidiaries to The China Navigation Company (CNCo).

For customers, the sale will not initially entail any contractual changes. Your point of contact will also remain the same. You can find more details in the Hamburg Süd Group press release.

We would also be happy to answer any questions you might have in person. To do so, we kindly ask you to speak with your usual point of contact.

Furness Withy Chartering

Furness Withy Chartering is a London and Melbourne based dry cargo ship operating and broking company. The original parent company, Furness Withy, was established in England in 1891. On its formation the company owned 18 vessels and over the subsequent years has owned in excess of a thousand ships. At times during the company's history the total owned fleet was one of the largest in the world.

Furness Withy has always been an innovator in shipping. For example in the 1960's it was one of the founding partners, along with P & O and other U.K. shipowners, of O.C.L. which created the beginning of the container revolution.

Nowadays, Furness Withy Chartering continues to specialise in its core business activity of bulk carrier ship and cargo operating. This is mainly centred on the Melbourne office of Furness Withy Australia .

In addition to the commercial teams established in Melbourne and London, all ship operations are supervised from both Furness Withy offices by an in-house team of Master Mariners. The strategic location of these two offices ensures cargo transportation and ship operations are closely monitored at all times between East and West hemispheres to achieve optimum performance.

For enquiries about Furness Withy Australia's service or our Group controlled tonnage, customers based in Australia and elsewhere in the Eastern hemisphere should contact the Melbourne office, whilst those based in the West should contact Furness Withy Chartering at the London office.

The company also has a significant presence in bunker broking through Furness Withy Bunkers , situated in the London office, which provides bunker broking services worldwide.