Furness Withy Bunkers

Competitive Bunker Broking

Furness Withy (Chartering) Ltd have been operating a competitive bunker broking desk since 1986. We are now one of the largest broking only (as opposed to broker/trader) desks in the market. Run by experienced staff with both shipping and oil industry backgrounds, we procure fuel for a diverse portfolio of highly reputed ship owners, operators and charterers.

In today's volatile environment, we provide up to the minute pricing information, and seek to advise clients on the best time and place to order bunkers. Naturally we operate in a 24hrs, 7 days a week environment and have direct contact with bunker suppliers throughout the world - we do not co-broke at all, ensuring the bunker chain is as short as possible.

We can be contacted by phone +44 20 7247 0399, or by e-mail bunkers@fwc-london.co.uk - at any time, day or night.


As well as providing a service to clients in the physical bunker markets, we are more and more active in the paper markets. More and more bunker purchasers are keen to manage their exposure to volatile oil prices. There are a number of different tools for bunker risk management, by far the most popular being a simple swap. A swap will protect the buyer from the market rising above a given level, in exchange for this protection the buyer gives up the opportunity to benefit if the market falls below the given level.